Traditional Costume/Outfit from Tinutul Padurenilor

Photo: Remus Suciu

The Foresters Traditional Costume is the most emblematic aspect of this region of Transylvania, especially for women, which has unique elements. Those elements are not found in any other neighbouring lands, not even in any other region of the entire country of Romania.

 The Foresters have traditions and customs which have been researched for a long time by different ethnographers from different parts of the country. There are official documents ,written since the 20th century, which explain very well why this land is so special and  different from other lands from Romania. Romulus Vuia, Denis Gallaway and Tache Papahagi are just a few  people who wrote about this beautiful land. Rusalin Isfanoni was born and raised in these lands and he is one of the most important people from Tinutul Padurenilor who is recognised as being a doctor of ethnography and a cultural man. He is proud to be called  "a forester". During his cultural activity in Bucharest, he did everything in his power to make Tinutul Padurenilor known throughout the country. Even abroad he succeeded in making this wonderful land  well known  through folk festivals and with written evidence to different congresses.

 The traditional outfit of the foresters may differ  according to age, gender and marital status. If for men and children the differences are not so important, except the hat, there are some similarities between this land and the neighbouring regions. It may occur to be small differences between the same costumes from different villages from the same land. 

When it comes to speaking about unmarried girls,married girls and widows or old women, differences become more important. This costume  consists of a shirt, a scarf for head, named simply as "cloth" and  a coat. If for girls and unmarried women red is the predominant colour, for married women will be blue and darker colours,and ,last but not the least ,for old women or widows black would be the main colour of the traditional costume. The teenage girls costumes are sewn with bright red thread and they wear necklaces with silver money around their necks. Nothing has changed in the port of the foresters, as they say from their ancestors, since the old Dacians.

Romulul Vuia said in the "POPULAR PORT OF FORESTERS


"Women's dress is not only original and specific, but it seems to tend to

adapt to the physical constitution of the race to which the vast majority of

the population belongs and to accentuate them. They are tall slender, with

striking features, as if the female costume  wants to raise the height and slenderness of

the body, with lines close to the body with a tendency to height and vertical, unlike the wearing of other regions with a tendency to be horizontal. "  

What a beautiful way to explain the forester's physical appearance by one of the most important ethnographers  of all times.


Photo: Norana Adina

In our future articles we will  give you more details about  every element of these wonderful  costumes  but also about what accessories the foresters wear with these folk costumes.Keep an eye on our web site and on our social media accounts. Thank you for following us in this beautiful journey through Tinutul Padurenilor traditions,customs and costumes.

English version by Norana Adina

Ținutul Pădurenilor - România

Photo: Remus Suciu and Norana