Echumenic Tourist Route


Today we present, virtually, the path of a traveller which can connect in a certain way with the Divinity. Regardless of religion, the goal is to connect with the divinity and to feel our souls charged with power and peace of mind.

On this route  we will visit several churches from Tinutul Padurenilor. This route is one of medium difficulty and can be  done by car, ATV or even by bike, or simply by foot. We can spend half a day finding out many interesting things about the places of worship in Padurenime, having to travel about 35 km. But let's embark on our imaginary journey.

The first church that the traveller will visit, starting from the Information Centre from Ghelari, is the Greek-Catholic church on Trandafirilor Street. This church is under the protection of SF. Varvara, the protector of miners.

The next stop is at the imposing and great Cathedral of the Foresters from Ghelari , which has a special history and about which we spoke about  some time ago. In the perimeter of the cathedral there is a museum where objects are exhibited, old clothes, but also a lot of history.

Following the route, we continue on Rusca Street, then follow the path of Carierei Street which descends to the valley to the road to Govajdie. We pass through the forest of cherry and wild bat, descending to the valley through the places called "Sesuri" where there are some houses with hardworking people, waiting guests with their arms widely open. The feeling of peace floods your soul.

Arriving in Govajdie we can visit the reformed church, but also the orthodox one, each of them having a history for some time. Another objective to consider is the site of the hydroelectric power plant in Catanas. Being in Govajdie, we must visit the famous Furnace from Govajdie, a furnace that has a special history. Since the 1890s it has been serving the country, but also abroad, parts of the famous Eifel Tower in France are made here. We continue the road on DJ687F until the intersection with DJ110B where we go c to Plop village. There we will visit  a stone church.

Approaching with rapid steps the end of the day, spiritually charged, we will follow the road Plop-Ruda, and we will stop for a bit in Ruda, where we visit the stone church.

From here to the our ending point of this route is not long. We can have a little pop at the Observatory in Mastacanet, having wonderful sunsets, as well as the day that is just ending, and stopping for a little more oasis of peace at the reformed church in the Cut neighborhood, near the "Minierul" stadion.