Adventure In Tinutul Padurenilor

Adventure In Tinutul Padurenilor

As we are already used to, our starting point is the Tourist Information Centre in Ghelari, from where we leave to visit the picturesque villages of Pădurenime. Prepared with everything, with the bag full of food, we follow the road, having as first viewpoint the Observatory from Măstăcaneț, next to the Panorama pension. For a few minutes we can stop to admire the landscapes and immortalize them in photos, but to keep alive the memory of these landscapes in our souls. From there we head to the villages on the tops of the hills.

The village of Ruda, then the Cornet hill offers us the opportunity to stop to admire the wonderful views, but also to remember the times when this hill was populated with hundreds of people. How beautiful it used to be when the Dragan Munteanu Festival resonated in all the villages from Pădurenime and beyond. Passing through Poienița Voinii, we continue our way to Bunila, then further, until we stop at the second large viewpoint, namely, the Muncelu plateau, located at 1200m altitude. From now on we can say that the adventure really begins.

Arming ourselves with a lot of patience, our ascent to one of the most isolated and high points in Ținutul Pădurenilor begins, namely, Vadu Dobrii. Well, access to this village is quite difficult, requiring little experience, but having an off-road vehicle or an ATV, all these problems will be solved. Once in Vadu Dobrii, there we will have some surprises. The history with which this village greets us, with its stories about people and people, the Military Unit, and, more recently, one of the attractions of this village is Dan Sabau's household. He is the man of the woods, along with his 6 Husky puppies. Let's not forget the fact that from Vadu Dobrii we can enjoy the spectacular landscapes, having in the foreground Padeş Peak and Vf. Rusca at over 1300m.

After a day full of adventure, the time to return home is approaching. The way back is made on DJ687D on the Bâlea valley with spectacular landscapes passing through the villages of Hăşdau, Dăbâca, Toplița. From here, the traveler can have two options. Either he goes to Cinciș Lake, with its stories and legends, to later reach Hunedoara, or climbing to Dealu Mic, to Transilvaniei Street, reaching Ghelari again after a day full of beauty and adventure in Pădurenime.