Maria Tanase wears a shirt from Ținutul Pădurenilor Romania

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The traditional blouse, the shirt is one of the images of our country, for Tinutul Padurenilor from Hunedoara county the woman blouse from Tinutul Pădurenilor is part of the image for the region together with traditional pie and other traditions. 

The combination of white, black and red, with discreet tones of purple, light blue and green. The blouse’s ornamentation is made in geometric motifs, which give the shirt a rich, embossed look. 

The stamp above represents Maria Tanase, the magic bird of the Romanian folk song, who loved the national customs and traditions, taking the Romanian blouse abroad, where it was admired and applauded. Maria Tanase wears a shirt from Padureni country.

The Romanian blouse, as simple as its cut is, so is its profound meaning. It is not just a basic piece of the feminine folk costume or strictly a traditional piece of clothing, but much more: it is a national symbol, a story, a history book.

The Romanian blouse is the traditional shirt, bequethed by our ancestors, which is carefully worn from one generation to another to transmit and preserve as much of its spiritual symbolism and energy. It is the perfect mix of balance, beauty and tradition, a piece of clothing which not only stood at the basis of the Romanian folk culture, but was also a common witness to the writing of the national history pages, being proudly worn by Romanian women regardless of their age, social, civil, marital, religious and regional status.

Recognizing the historical and cultural importance of the Romanian blouse, as well as its high significance at a national level, which often exceeds the country’s borders, Romfilatelia dedicates its latest stamp project to this Romanian symbol, the philatelic issue being suggestively entitled The Romanian blouse, a national treasure. The project can be purchased starting with Wednesday, June 22nd, 2016, in Romfilatelia’s stores in Bucharest, Bacau, Brasov, Cluj-Napoca, Iasi and Timisoara.

The postage stamp issue The Romanian blouse, a national treasure illustrates in an original graphical approach four female Romanian personalities who have worn the Romanian blouse with pride and made it known abroad.