Padurenilor Orthodox Cathedral - St Petru and Paul

The Cathedral Padurenilor under the mantle of snow

"I need you to try ceaselessly to climb the very top, if you want to you can see very far"
told our great Brancusi.

Not far from the Corvin's Castle, at 20 km from Hunedoara, protected by the whirl of the city, placed as close as possible to the vault of the sky, high, the lofty, boundless, a church, the cathedral, the called the "Padurenilor Cathedral" from Ghelari. A monumental construction which can compete with any place of worship in the big cities of the country, even in Europe, high in full communism( between the years 1939 and 1973, when many churches have suffered the terror of demolition or relocation.
Inside at the gates of Heaven's door, on the way-Ghelari Hunedoara-Teliuc, you have to pass under the archway with a clock which beautifies the gate. All the entry you will notice the scarlet two saints popular in the area. The dimensions of the cathedral are remarkable: 47m height, 21 m wide and 47 m length, to which shall be added to the symbology of 7 tower of the church, 7 years duration of painting inside the church by the painter Constantin Nitulescu.
Relevant is the fact that the founder of this spiritual space, the Priest Nerva Florea, went to complete a vision about who said: "I have received the commandment of God!". He had many years before, in 1927, when it was the student theologian to Sibiu, where he had a revelation and a voice secretly i was responsible eras: "Where are you going to build a great church".
Find more support in ghelareni (people witch living in Ghelar), people with faith in God, peasants saute the harshness of the place but with a clean soul.Up in the 1990s,"90 in the church were people which came dressed with traditional clothes,high model national consciousness, ,the bearers of the ancient dowry, who enoble the services here.

It's good to know of the existence of such a place, at only 28 km from the Prislop Monastery, which is necessary to discover in trips to places bear spirituality.

At the same time, in the perimeter of the church operates a museum of the place which shelters the wonders: traditional costumes, old books, objects from the padurenilor garden`s and religious objects. The shuer around Chathedral is dominated by the white colour and decotated with marble from Alun carrer , another village from Ținutul Padurenilor. Sunsets, summer, are spectacular, as though seeking to stroked, protector, the cathedral, while inside he sank into a warm glow, unreal feeling