About Dragan Muntean

Was born on April 18, 1955 in the village Poieniţa Voinii, Bunila. Seems Dragan Muntean started singing almost since he opened his eyes. 

House of birth was next to the school and his parents had to fence a loophole that can pass through it in the schoolyard.
Son did not return to the village. He travelled the world to conquer and succeed, even if the road was not easy. Destiny has been likened hills Pădurenilor country - steep. After a valley smooth after a hill steep followed grades I-IV in his native village then went to learn and then sang "Padureni" to whom he dedicated a song: "I sing Pădurenilor ..."(Eu cânt
Pădurenilor ...)  Dragan Muntean was very related to childhood places the Pădurenilor Land (Ținutul Pădurenilor)

Although he went to study at Deva Dragan Muntean's mother dreamed that her son to return home, a teacher in the village.

 When he was about 10 years with his parents attended a communal phase of the program "Dialogue away" and was spotted by a music teacher from Ghelari. He told the parents that the boy has talent and it would be appropriate to pursue a music school.
Dragan Muntean's mother, a woman determined, decided that her son should go to music school in Deva, to be his child better. Thus he continued his studies at the School of Music at the Pedagogical Deva, where he graduated in 1975. 
Between 1977 and 1979 he was a teacher at the School of Bretelin village, township Veţel, and from 1979 to 1988 taught at School number 6 of Deva. 
Between 1988 and 1992 he was a professor at the Popular Art School of Deva. In 1992 he joined the police and attended the Police Academy "Alexandru Ioan Cuza" University of Bucharest.
Between 1997 and 2000 he was director of Ensemble "Skylark" the Interior Ministry. 
 From 2000 he was head of the Office of Education, Culture and Traditions of the Hunedoara County Police Inspectorate. He had the rank of lieutenant colonel. 
It started in the '80s to organize in August a festival dedicated to those places. Many hardships, managed to give local people their own festival to bring interpreters for a few days, to make them forget about the harsh life they led.  
For years he struggled festival to be organized in various places in Pădurenime and each time managed to gather around thousands. After 1994 the festival moved to his native village of Dragan Munten. Originaly named "Festivalul Padurenilor"  was renamed in Festivalul Pădurenilor  "Dragan Muntean" in the memory and gratitude of the late "păduren"  intrerpret.  
The festival takes place every year even if Dragan pass away. 

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