64 Croissant


64 Croissants

In the past, recipes for 64 croissants (walnut croissants) were not missing from weddings in Tinutul Padurenilor or from preparations for the holidays. Weddings were  prepared a long time ago and all the food served on the first night and the second wedding night were prepared from products produced in the household of the bride and groom and their relatives. When it comes to sweets, donuts were a place of honor cooked with household eggs and a lot of love.

Below we present the recipe for croissants 64.

Cornulete 64
Foto:  Fata care Gateste cu Flori


500 g of flour

400-450 g butter

3-4 eggs

250 g ground walnut kernels

200 g sugar


Shaved flour rind (optional)


Separate the egg yolks from the egg whites then 300g melted butter and cooled to room temperature together with flour, sour cream and a pinch of salt make a dough. Here we add grated lemon peel if we choose to add grated lemon. Knead to obtain a homogeneous dough that we divide into 8 equal parts.

Spread each of the eight parts in turn to obtain a sheet that we grease with melted butter (the remaining one) and cooled then roll it and put it in the cold.

Composition inside the croissants: 3 beaten egg whites with 200g sugar and ground walnuts (250 g walnuts)

After it has cooled, divide each roll rolled forward into 8 equal parts, which we spread in a square shape and fill each one with a teaspoon of the composition prepared above.

Place the croissants in the pan and put them in the preheated oven for about 20 minutes without browning them, the croissants should remain white-yellow. When we take them out, we give them sugar powder as hot as they are to stick the sugar to them.


Bon Appetite!