Iron Road - Tourist routes in Ținutul Pădurenilo

 Iron Road - Tourist routes in Ținutul Pădurenilor

As we all know,  Ținutul Pădurenilor, more precisely Ghelari village, has a historical significance in terms of iron, but also the stories about the mines that were populated by hundreds of souls. There are hundreds and thousands of stories that still resonate after some time since they were closed.

What do you think, dear readers, to follow  the footsteps of the miners, traces left behind, hours and hard work of people, but also nights and days away from families, in the depths of the mines, in the hope of a better life. Today we will take you with us, currently only imaginary, for a walk on the miners path. In the hope that you will soon have the courage to start looking for this trail, we invite you on this wonderful journey.

As a starting point we can have the Tourist Information Centre in Ghelari. From there, start on Rusca Street, towards the Cuț neighborhood, where you will discover a place where you can see part of Ghelari village , but also the hills, mountains and towns near the village. The viewpoint is a wonderful one, especially since you can see the imposing Cathedral of the Foresters. At the first left on the road, take the road down Minei Street, to the base, where you will discover what is left of the old Central Mine. There you will be able to look down on the "Lucaci Quarry", having a feeling perhaps many times more insignificant than that of the miners who used to go down into the depths. There, we are on the surface, but the greatness of the rocks and the accumulation of feelings and stories of the place can produce sparks in everyone's soul. We will then follow the markings to the Valley of Houses - the site of the furnaces.

A place to stop on the way to the traveler, where you can catch your breath for a while as the foresters like to say. Rest is essential, just as miners had to be rested. From there, the wandering traveler resumes the iron road, climbing Valea Caselor Street, preparing to finish his tour of the mine, and will stop to thank the Divinity for another day of work. Approaching the Orthodox Cathedral of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul, it stops for several tens of minutes to admire the wonder of an imposing cathedral, but also to find out things unknown about it in the museum inside the parish complex.

The traveler, from here, after a journey of about 5 hours, prepares to reach the parking lot of the Tourist Information Centre, but not before making a stop at the Greek Catholic Church on Trandafirilor Street. From the Pădurenilor cathedral our traveller follows Rusca street to the centre of the village, where on the top right you can see the church with great significance for miners. This is under the protection of St. Varvara, the protector of the miners. From there to the Tourist Centre it's not long, just a few minutes.

Loaded with a lot of information, history, joy in the souls and the burning desire to learn more about this wonderful land, the traveller thanks the Divinity for a beautiful day, thinking about the future, but also the past. Hard-working people, miners, have sacrificed years of their lives for a better life. Working in the mine is always hard and they must be respected and honoured for the sacrifices they made.