Miners way to the mine


As we promised you, for some time now we have started the virtual tour of some tourist routes in Tinutul Padurenilor. If in the previous article we were on the iron road, together with the faithful miners, today we will travel the road that people from the forest villages used to travel daily to reach the mines from Ghelari. We invite you to be with us today.

Today's route also starts from the Tourist Information Center from Ghelari, from where, the  traveller goes to the Cut neighborhood, reaching  the Reformed Church, with the sports club next to it. The next stop will be at the Mastacanet Observatory, where you have a breathtaking view. The greatness of the mountains, of the valleys, but also of the neighboring villages can be observed from there. Immediately, across the road from this observatory is one of the 3 guesthouses of Ghelari village. Panorama Pension, as the name suggests, offers the same wonderful landscapes. It is a quiet corner, with welcoming people. You will find more details at the hosts of this pension.

We continue the road to the village of Ruda,with nice people ready to tell the tourists some old stories about the beautiful land. A path that descends into the depths of the forest on the left is visible.The miners from the valley villages came to the mine on this path every single day.  Descending through the dark forest, we reach the village of Valari.

In this small village, people will find more surprises. We can distinguish in our way the former bocce arrangements, where the charcoal for the furnace from Toplita was made, then we can stop for a while at the wooden church from Valari village, more than 200 years old (1800).

There is a family of young people where you can feel "Foresters for a few hours, a day, or more". You can learn, but also relax a lot around them. They are special hosts. Saying goodbye to them, we head to the village of Toplita, on DJ687D, where we can visit the remains of the site of the former Furnal from 1700. What can we say, the forest villages have a significant history behind and hundreds of years old.

From Toplita, we take quick steps towards Ghelari. We follow the path that climbs through the dense forest to Transylvania Street, then reaching again the tourist information centre. Being quite difficult to climb the hill, just like anything, we have to rest. 

 The route is one of medium difficulty, with a distance of about 15km, which can be done in 6 hours. It depends on each person who sets off on this route, each according to his liking and at his own pace. The tranquility and the whistling of the forest can make this hike one of the wonderful experiences.